Monday, January 26, 2009

Such Good Intentions

Intentions can be good. They can be bad. We've all had intentions that did not go as we planned. Or at least, some will say, "I didn't mean to do it." Kind of sounds like something children will say when they get caught.

Just look at me. I had every intention of completing my ironing today. Oops.

I have been interested in watching the new President as he begins his administration. First, I am dismayed that one of his first acts in these troubling economic times is to send our taxpayer dollars overseas. The cause is to assist poorer countries with abortion. Now, I am not one to say whether abortion is good or bad. I truly believe the matter is one of self reflection and religious beliefs. For me, had I ever been in that spot, I most likely would not have had one. But I can't say for sure even with all my intentions.

Another early hot topic for the President was to freeze his senior White House Staff pay. First, they have only been on the job for 24 hours, so isn't that kind of silly? How many companies will tell you on the first day that they've frozen your pay? Are (Were) you really expecting a pay increase that fast?

I went online and found the actual order. It's interesting as the media proclaimed he had frozen the pay. If you read the actual order, it clearly states that it is his INTENTION to do so.

All he has to do is what an unruly child does and say, "I didn't mean to do it."

You can walk the walk, or talk the talk, but you still have to prove you can do it.

Time, America, time.

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