Sunday, April 25, 2010

Want an Economics Lesson? Rap This!

What an interesting video on economics!  Economic policy differences share a long history.  Watch this rap video and maybe you'll walk away knowing more about the boom and bust of economics.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Want a Visit From a Government Approved Census Worker?

In the event you are not real interested in having a federally approved census worker knock on your door and ask questions, be sure to mail in your census by Apr 16.

For the first time, the Census Bureau even sent a duplicate set of forms to some areas.  And now a PSA I've seen attempts to place blame (in a round about way) on those who don't send back the census as wasting taxpayer money.

In all the census forms I have filled out over the last years, I just don't remember all the extra hype and tax money being spent to remind residents to mail it in.  

I have to ask.  Who is paying for this "March to the Mailbox"?  Or maybe I already know the answer.

Seven-day Countdown Begins: Mail Back Census Forms by April 16

/PRNewswire/ -- The following event advisory is issued by the U.S. Census Bureau:

 On April 10th, the seven-day clock starts for residents to return 2010 Census forms by mail. Those who do not mail back the form by April 16th may be visited by a census worker starting in May.

With just seven days left for households to mail back their 2010 Census forms, thousands of volunteers in more than 6,000 neighborhoods plan to participate in "March to the Mailbox" parades, marches, walks, rallies and motorcades Saturday designed to remind people that it's not too late to mail back their forms.

These grassroots efforts, led by census partners, volunteers and local residents, are being held nationwide in neighborhoods with low mail participation rates -- from Albuquerque to Worchester and Los Angeles to Long Island. During events, volunteers and community leaders will come together in high traffic areas to remind residents that it is not too late to mail back their Census forms and encourage those who have delayed to "March to the Mailbox" and mail it back today.