Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rushing the Point

VWV Note: Just like in most sports, if you rush the stroke or hit, you're going to mess things up. The big question is why is the President insistent on rushing his strokes of changing domestic policy? Kind of makes one wonder what is the agenda?

Just wondering.....

Obama in a Rush on Things Domestic but Military and Defense Issues Can Wait

by Matthew Vadum

Glenn Beck took a rare foray into foreign policy and international relations on his TV show Thursday. He complained that President Obama postures, acting as if his entire domestic agenda must be enacted without a moment’s delay. In the meantime, the President takes his sweet time acting on matters of national security.

“May I ask you respectfully, Mr. President, Why.....

Once is Not Enough, A Lifetime Too Short

No matter how many times I hear it--- it's just not enough--

Thursday, September 24, 2009

White House Tells Congress to Back Off on Czars?

VWV Note: Oh reallllllyyyy? Ummm, do you think the White House has a strong gut feeling that the czars wouldn't pass muster even with a democratic controlled Congress? With all the allegations the Czars face when their pasts are delved into, I think I would be ashamed to have them looked at as well. But then, I never would have appointed them.

Just wondering...

Administration Pushes Dems to Oppose Reigning in Czars

Fox has learned, the White House has urged Senate Democrats not to support an amendment that would impose congressional oversight on "czars.....

Teaching Praise Song is a School Activity

VWV Note: Just in case you needed confirmation that a school did approve teaching children to sing praises....

Question is: Did the School Board Approve?

Confirmed: Kids' Praising Obama an official public school activity

An important update about the creepy video we posted yesterday. The Burlington Township School District, to which B. Bernice Youngs Elementary School belongs, posted the following Letter to Parents this morning.
Dear Burlington Township Families:

Today we became aware of a video that was placed on the internet which has been reported in the media. The video is of a class of students singing a song about President Obama. The activity took place.....

Who Needs Reading, Writing or Arithmatic?

Why bother with reading, writing and arithmatic in our schools when we can have this instead? Who cares that precious school time is being used by some not to teach history but to teach idol praise to a mere mortal?

Young brains are sponges. They soak up the message being presented. Shouldn't we prepare our youth for the future with skills in math and science? No wonder our education appears to be behind.

And my folks thought rock and roll was appalling!

Thought you'd be interested in seeing some of the videos of school children singing their praises. JMac Politics has been collecting them all one one place.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tax, Mandate, Mandatory Fee- Whatever You Call It, It's a Tax

Yep, it's a tax if the government says you have to pay it or else. Yep, it's a tax if the IRS is the collection body. Yep, it's a tax if it gets paid to a government as a fee. Taxing thoughts today as I look at my property taxes, which apparently are up even though the value of real estate is down. Yep, it's a tax. Guess we have to go back to the definition of "is".

Morning Bell: It Depends On What Your Definition Of “Tax” Is

Throughout his presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama promised the American people: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes.” As President, Barack Obama reiterated that pledge, promising the American people in his September 9th health care press conference: “The middle-class will realize greater security, not higher taxes.” But as ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos pointed out to the President this weekend, Obama will break his promise to the American people if he signs a health care bill that includes an individual or employer mandate.

In an exchange that can only be described as “Clintonesque” Stephanopoulos was forced to read the definition of “tax” straight from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, but even then Obama refused.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As if Government Run Health Care Wasn't Enough- Now It's Education

Guess what guys. I just saw the following article on the proposed government takeover of the historically desirable way to take students loans. You gotta read it and let your officials know your thoughts.

Eliminating the Federal Family Education Loan Program: Hurting Students & Increasing the Size of the Government
September 10, 2009

By having the government take over all federal student loan originations, it would involve one of the largest expansions of a government program in recent memory. It would dismantle a system that has successfully served generations of Americans. Within a decade the Federal Direct Loan Program would be a trillion dollar operation, making it one of the biggest banks in the world. It would ultimately have responsibility for tens of millions of borrowers ...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Will You Pay by US Dollars or Wocu?

Does this bother anyone else? This little new world currency was introduced on September 10, 2009. What will it mean for us? How soon will we be asked to pay in Wocu since the US Dollar is devalued so much due to overprinting by the current administration?

Just wondering..

New World Currency Introduction

/PRNewswire/ -- This week the world's financial markets will see the first ever execution and settlement of a trade conducted in Wocus(TM) (World Currency Unit), the newly-introduced world currency. The Wocu has been developed as a derived world currency unit to allow corporations, financial institutions, governments and even individuals to trade across national boundaries and hold foreign assets with minimal risk of losses caused by exchange rate fluctuations.

Whilst international trade is conducted in US dollars or Euros a sharp change in exchange rates causes huge differentials, vastly complicating risk management and forward planning. With the emergence of Russia, China and India into the world markets a less volatile world currency is needed. As the Wocu is a derivative of the exchange rates of the world's top 20 currencies as measured by GDP it substantially reduces the risk factors. WDX Organisation, the company behind the Wocu, has weighted its algorithm in line with these GDPs, creating a demonstrably less volatile and totally apolitical currency unit.

Howard Flight, fund manager, consultant, politician and author of 'ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EXCHANGE RATES' was the keynote speaker at the launch. He said: "I expect this to be an important moment for the history of currency - a new currency reference is being born which should be very useful for both major buyers and sellers of world commodities." He adds: "The questions are as to who will use it? WDX commercial arrangements are lining up major banks to both trade in and settle international trade transactions on behalf of corporate clients in Wocus. Banks and InterDealer Brokers will also trade Wocu derivatives for clients. It is surprising the IMF has not modernised the SDR, which new technology would enable. The Wocu does just that".

How does the Wocu differ from the IMF's SDR? The SDR, while a valuable tool, is based on 4 currencies and re-weighted only every 5 years, unlike the Wocu which is re-weighted by an independent institute every six months (when the IMF releases its GDP figures).

Michael King, WDX managing director, said: "Market participants and academics are telling us that the Wocu will be well-received. We are offering organisations, governments, and, through them, individuals, a new instrument of great elegance and power. Its use will herald less risk, less volatility and more certainty. Some even see it as the answer to the reserve currency issue. I am delighted that the Wocu, the result of much academic research and technical development, is now a reality."

Flight comments: "Corporate Treasurers and ACT members really like the Wocu concept as it reduces volatility and exchange rate risk and the concept of the Wocu is happily straightforward."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

He Doth Protest Too Much

Van Jones, the Green Czar, submitted his resignation late last night.

In his letter, Jones is quick to say opponents of reform are using lies and deception against him. Why did he feel the need to insert that paragraph in the letter? Isn't that being just a tad bit argumentative?

All the documented evidence shows clearly the leanings and take home message of Mr. Jones in his past. Perhaps, he should have just said, "I resign my post." By adding the next argumentative sentence, he becomes the man who doth protest too much.

Whose past will surface to haunt the White House now? Just wondering.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Web Justs Keep Getting More Tangled for White House

What a week for the White House. The webs they keep weaving up there are just getting more and more tangled.

First, the cry from Americans over the White House plan for Tuesday's little chat with the children has forced the changing of the words. Now, they keep trying to say they just weren't accurate in their words. No kidding. There's a big difference from letter to president on how children can help him to stating their educational goals. I just wonder what kind of letter a first grader would write?

And now, the green czar of deception. Oops. The documentation has been found showing he was on the organizing committee for the Truthers in 2002. Another chance for the White House to try and spin this one away.

Yep, the web of deception becomes more and more tangled. That's ok. It's looks like the web's strings just weren't strong enough and now they are unraveling. Bet there's more to come.

Busted. Van Jones Linked to 9-11 Truther Movement Back in **January 2002**

Yesterday, news broke out that Barack Obama's communist Green Czar was a 9-11 Truther. The administration much later in the day released a statement saying Van Jones was "not now or ever" involved in the 9-11 Truther movement.

Jones said the petition he signed in 2004 did not reflect his views and that he did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name..

Not true......

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pledging to Serve the Master

I've been seeing red for a few hours now. The news stories out about the speech the president intends to give to students on Tuesday have coupled my thoughts with the "I pledge my service to the president" video. So I've had to ponder what I was going to say.

You know, my family has longed served America, whether it be elected officials at the local and state levels up to the White House. Some, like my dad and grandfather, served America by protecting her in times of war. But, the theme has been consistent. Serve America. Protect America. Protect the Constitution.

Now, I haven't served America in those first couple of ways just mentioned. Instead, one of the ways I serve my country is to teach others about some of the history of our country. Yep, I'm an invited speaker in my local schools to talk about the history of the Constitution. In these talks, I try to bring the Constitution to mean more than just a piece of paper to these kids. I hope I've been successful with some of them.

That brings me to the upcoming talk and the information provided by the people in charge of this talk next week. The kids are supposed to be encouraged to stay in school. Ok, I'll buy that. But it doesn't take 20 minutes to do that, nor has any president had that kind of influence on my educational choices in my lifetime. But, let's not dwell on that.

Keep reading and you see the kids are to be encouraged to read books about the presidents and Obama. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but historical books about presidents typically happen after their time in office is over. So, I'm a little concerned about these books about the current president that children are supposed to read.

The next course is a suggested plan for teachers to have children write letters about they can help the president. Help the president do what?

Top that with the video just shown in a Utah school in which the kids are to pledge their service to their president, and well, my senses are on overdrive. Pledge service to their president? Pledge service to a public servant who, by definition, is to serve our country and her people?

Ok. I'll write a letter on how I can be of help to the president. It will even cover the second letter of how he inspires me. Here it is:

I can be of help to the president by getting on my knees daily and praying that he will seek God's guidance.

You see, it's really quite simple. I already serve a Master. I already serve the One who sent His son to die for me. So, oops, can't take that pledge to serve a man.

Oh- and there are some great books about the One I serve. Just in case you're in need.