Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Rock to Hold To

Just when----

Now there's a new way to "hold on to hope." Yep, you can now purchase a rock with Bark Orama's face on it. Hold it in your hand. Feel the power. Tap into the feelings.

Unbelievable. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of long term issues of worshipping false gods.

Limited Edition Souvenir 'Barock(TM)' Featuring an Iconic Image of Barack Obama to Go on Sale to Help Support Historic Inauguration

/PRNewswire/ -- is proud to offer people a unique way to commemorate and support the historic inauguration of Barack Obama through its one of a kind "Barock(TM)" souvenir.

Measuring only 3" in diameter, each Barock(TM) is a real rock featuring the iconic image of Barack Obama that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The Barock(TM) is designed to allow the holder to literally "hold onto hope" and tap into the positive feelings of hope and optimism that millions associate with Barack Obama's inauguration.

"The idea for the Barock(TM) came from the pride and joy I felt on November 4th, 2008 when Barack Obama became the first ever African American president-elect of the United States," says Ed Harris, President of "I thought, how might we create a one of a kind tribute to Barack Obama that helps people carry the spirit and message of hope going forward?"

The answer is the Barock(TM). Only 25,000 Barocks(TM) will be produced in honor of the inauguration. Ed Harris continues, "For every Barock sold, we'll donate $1 to Obama for America to help support the inauguration."

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