Monday, December 8, 2008

Why the Constitution is in Danger and so are You

I just heard on the news that the man from New Jersey who had a suit in DC for Congress to see the birth certificate of Barack Obama has been denied.

I value the Constitution, therefore I find merit in knowing where he was born. To my knowledge, no place in Hawaii has wanted to claim he was born in Hawaii. To my knowledge, his own grandmother says he was born in Kenya. To my knowledge, he has yet to fulfill the law of the land of which he seeks to become president.

You want to be president? It's simple. Follow the rules that were agreed upon 221 years ago which state that only natural born American citizens can be president.

Does America value the Constitution? Or are those in power to scared to follow the rules?

If an authentic birth certificate cannot be produced, and the Electoral College votes to make Obama president, then our government no longer values the Constitution and will have opened the door for our demise.

Just a thought--

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