Saturday, December 20, 2008

Constitutional Convention: Is Our Constitution in Danger?

The last Constitutional Convention was held in 1787 when our founding fathers sought to replace the Articles of Confederation. That was a good thing.

Today, there is a call from way too many states for another Constitutional Convention. What is the purpose of this call? What is the real agenda? Is it for some minor changes or is it destroy our Constitution, the cornerstone of our government?

Should this call go forward, history shows us a way to stop it.

Back in February 1787 when the call went out, the convention was set for May. When the date rolled around, there was not a quorum present. So, if a quorum doesn't show up, the convention cannot happen.

It also takes a quorum to ratify a Constitution. Look back in history and see how that process happened. Perhaps, we should really look at history and copy it. Put all the delegates in a room that is not air conditioned and that has its windows shut and shutters nailed. Keep them there with no time off until the deed is done. Last time, for only 13 states, it took four months.

If, indeed, minor changes are the true agenda for this proposed Constitutional Convention, then maybe an amendment may be more prudent.

My belief is we must hold our elected officials to the oath of office they take--- to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Just a thought as I recall the values of our founding fathers and the freedoms they gave to us.

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