Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ill Fated in Illinois

The arrest of the Illinois governor with the allegations of massive corruption has got to shake Illinois democrats to the core. Just today, more names are being dropped and memories are fading. Could it be a political type of dementia?

Axelrod now says he was "mistaken" when he said back in late November that he KNEW Barack Obama and the governor had talked about the senator's seat. You know, if his memory is that bad for conversations reportedly held two weeks ago, what else has he been wrong about?

And now, within the last hour or so, the attorney for Jesse Jackson, Jr says he assumes that Jackson is Senate Candidate #5. Jackson has been quick to jump on the bandwagon that no one spoke with his authority when someone supposedly offered large sums of money to the governor.

What's the real story? What is the truth? Perhaps a little truth serum could help these politicians? I find it fascinating that these high profile men who are surrounded all day with advisors just don't know a thing. And they are going to run the country? With their heads in the sand?

Kinda makes one wonder how ill is Illinois? Or how much noise is being stifled.

But me? Hey, I must be mistaken.....

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