Monday, December 15, 2008

Interesting Story-It's a Must Read and Reflect-Will it be the first test?

I saw this story on Twitter.

It's downright scary. Let's review for one minute-- the next conference is coming shortly after Obama takes office. With his stated policies on talking to anyone, what will he do? This will indeed be a major test of his commitment to America and to Israel.

By Jim
Dude with Tude (Twitter)

....But on the third day of the week-long conference – also known as Durban 1 — an angry Secretary of State Colin Powell ordered the American delegation to pack its bags and come home. The Conference, created to analyze racism and seek an antidote, was destroyed by racism itself: militant Muslims whose sole agenda was to heap ridicule and blame for most of the world’s problems on Israel and the United States.

The Americans came home, but hatred was hot on their heels. The Conference concluded on September 9; two days later our nation was attacked......More

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