Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Education is the Key- So Why Don't We Try It?

Having a solid education is the key for opening doors and opportunities. On this one issue, it would appear the president and I agree strongly.

With that said, I was shocked this morning to read an article about the lack of education in our colleges and universities. The report released indicates a serious lack of teaching students about American government or American history. Actually, it said that of the 100 leading colleges and universities, only 11% require these courses. Only 53% require mathematics.

How can that be? Is it more important to learn to be a free thinker or to be a free thinker with knowledge in your head?

Maybe I'll start a survey. Now seems just like the perfect time as I reflect on a couple of upcoming American history events.

Quick. Tell me.

What was the Treaty of Paris? Is any part of it still in use today?
When was the United States Constitution framed?

Do you know the answers? I do.

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