Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are You Listening? Support of Health Care Reform Bill Down- Again

VWV Note: All recent and new polls continue to show Americans do not want the current health care reform bill passed. Will Congress listen to those who elected them? The recent interest in town hall meetings and record numbers of Americans showing up in vain to try and get their questions answered demonstrates the passion of both sides of the debate. Some Congressmen won't even have public forums on the subject. The big question is "Of whom are they afraid?"

Why does the White House think they have to continue to sell the bill with more campaign-like strategies? If the health care bill is good, it will stand on its own two feet.

If not, revisit the drawing board and devise a health care reform bill that doesn't make the majority of Americans "sick" when they read it.

Support for Dems’ Government Takeover of Health Care Continues to Plummet

The more the American people learn about the Democrats’ proposed government takeover of health care that will increase costs, destroy jobs, and put bureaucrats in charge of medical decisions instead of patients and doctors, the more they oppose it. No fewer than five polls released at the end of July showed increasing concern, if not outright, opposition to the Democrats’ government-run health care plan. A Quinnipiac University Poll last week also indicates that a majority disapprove (52) of the President’s handling of health care, while only 39 approve - a 10 percentage point jump in the last month alone.

Today, a new Rasmussen poll shows Americans’ opposition to the Dems’ government-run health care plan is still increasing:

“Public support for the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low as just 42% of U.S. voters now favor the plan. That’s down five points from two weeks ago and down eight points from six weeks ago.”

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that opposition to the plan has increased to 53%, up nine points since late June.”

“More significantly, 44% of voters strongly oppose the health care reform effort versus 26% who strongly favor it. Intensity has been stronger among opponents of the plan since the debate began.”

The American people support real health care reform – a plan that reduces costs and expands access to quality care. The Democrats’ proposal does neither, and that’s why they are seeing the mounting opposition firsthand back in their congressional districts. House Republicans have offered a better solution that addresses Americans’ concerns about out-of-control health care costs. The House GOP plan would make quality health care coverage more affordable and accessible for every American, regardless of pre-existing health conditions. For example, the plan:

•Lets small businesses band together through associations and purchase health insurance for workers at a lower cost just like large corporations and unions do.

•Offers incentives to help Americans who do not have access to quality health care get the coverage they can afford.

•Make coverage more affordable for everyone by giving states new tools to design innovative health care programs.

•Reduce health care costs by reforming medical liability rules that cost families millions each year – millions that line the pockets of trial lawyers at the expense of patients and doctors.

•Reforms regulations so insurance companies compete for your business and you can shop around for the best coverage and price.

•Roots out health care waste, fraud, and abuse that cost taxpayers billions.

Isn’t it time for Democrats to scrap their costly plan and work with Republicans on a proposal that will make health care more affordable and accessible for the American people?

Source: http://republicanleader.house.gov/

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