Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Are These the Questions Congress Wants You to Answer?

So, Specter wants a Congressional hearing over the VA Book that was reinstated by the Obama Administration? Will he and his Democratic colleagues be ready to testify that this is part of the "end of life" counseling they currently have in their health care bill?

I was ready to stroll outside and shoot myself to put me out of my misery after I read the book--- and I'm not sick or disabled or depressed. What would someone who is in pain do after reading the book?

Limbaugh Takes on White House for VA 'Death Book'
by Connie Hair

On Friday, radio talk show king Rush Limbaugh was on fire over the content of the Veterans’ Administration "Death Book" (pdf), the “end of life counseling” the VA now inflicts on our veterans.

RUSH: “Page 21 from the Death Book, from the VA, reinstated by Obama. ‘What makes your life worth living? Instructions: This exercise will help you think about and express what really matters to you. For each row, check one answer to express how you would feel if this factor by itself described you,’ and there are, you know, A through S here. Here's A. ‘I can no longer walk but get around in a wheelchair.’ Life like this would be: ‘difficult, but acceptable; worth living, but just barely; not worth living; can’t answer now,’ and the people reading the book are supposed to check off which of these things apply. So, ‘A. I can no longer walk but get around in a....http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=33249

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