Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Taxing Fido and Kitty in Georgia Not Such a Good Idea

There's a lot of buzz in the world of our beloved pets as Georgia lawmakers discuss taxing pet owners if the pets are seen by veterinarians.  Medical products such as prescriptions for veterinary products are already taxed.

Georgia House Bill 385 Section 3-3 would add a tax for not only the services veterinarians provide like examinations, but also includes taxes on the labor costs of hair cuts, shoe repair, lawn care, home repair and other professional services.  Does it really make sense to pay a tax on renting a safety deposit box or a service contract for household appliances? 

Many veterinarians believe that taxing their services will not dramatically add to the bottom line for state revenues.  Instead, it has the potential of reducing pet care.  Many families are struggling to survive, and adding the projected 7-9% on to the costs of services could have a negative impact on not only veterinarians, but also to small business owners.

In reading the bill in its current state, it is interesting to note veterinarians' services are lumped in to services like watch or auto repair.  Should the well being of animals be in this bill?

Included in this bill is the beginning of overhauling the Georgia tax codes by reducing rates for individuals, and raising sales taxes. Read more about it and think how this bill will affect your bottom line. 

Read more about the bill:

Read the bill:

Read the bill and then urge your representative to oppose HB 385.  I just don't think its the right bill in its current form.


Anonymous said...

Sales are always better taxes than income taxes. The rich spend more and get taxed - and if they save it is usually invested in ways that benefit our overall economy. A tax on all services without exception moves us closer to a FAIR TAX and we should support it. It may, and that is a capital MAY, cause some short term difficulties but the long term looks brighter this way.

This bill is the result of a requirement in a former bill to propose legislation that includes ALL the recommendations of a committee. It will be changed to correct many silly proposals.

Contact your legislators and let them know that you support sales taxes - except on not-for-profit fundraising activities.

Save Our Paws said...

I agree that sales taxes are much better than income taxes and even property taxes, BUT to tax a service is not good.

Taxing veterinary services will encourage a large number of people to refrain from providing immunizations and care for their animals, both large and small. This will cause an increase in transmittable diseases and deaths. Not to mention that RABIES will again run rampant in Georgia due to lack of vaccinations. I don't know about you, but I don't want a rabid pet in my yard attacking my children and me.

Taxation of veterinary services will also cause a severe decrease in the veterinary field; many will find other means of supporting their families when their income drops too low.

NO to taxing medical services of any kind!