Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants to Know: Got Your National ID Ready?

Ready to go on a trip?  How about applying for a job? How about a trip to a National Park?

I thought the National ID card was, ummm,  history.  Apparently not.  It would appear that on May 11 of this year, (yes, 2011), all driver's licenses must adhere to national standards.  It also appears these new national standards could really impact some of our freedoms as well.

Some of the regulations for the Real ID which will become active are really not new.  What is new is the idea that state issued ID cards will no longer be accepted by federal government operations-  like entering a federal building or flying on an airplane.  What is new is a government database.

Originally, these new standards were to be in place by 2008, but due to states' lack of support and the public outrage at the time, the date was moved to 2011.  Many states have passed legislation opposing the Real ID since 2005.

Well, 2011 is here.  Where is the press on this issue? I haven't seen any uproar on this topic.

Gee, wonder if this little gem is still in the government budget this year? Somebody has to pay for this.  Oh, that's right.  You and me.

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Real ID act goes into effect on May 11
The American Dream

For a moment, imagine a future where you are not able to drive a car, get on a plane, get on a train, vote, enter a federal building, open a bank account or get a job without a national ID card. You don't think that could ever happen in America? Well, you might want to brush up on the Real ID Act because it is going to go into effect on May 11, 2011 unless something is done to stop it. ......

Real ID Final Rule

House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID
by Declan McCullagh

If you're a resident of one of at least 24 states including Arizona, Georgia, and Washington, your driver's license may no longer be valid for boarding an airplane or entering federal buildings as of May 11, 2011. That's the deadline that senior House Republicans are calling on the Obama administration to impose, saying states must be required to comply with so-called Real ID rules creating a standardized digital identity card that critics have likened to a national ID.....

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