Friday, April 17, 2009

PJTV Attendance Count for Tea Parties Passes 540,000

VWV Note: Just thought you'd want to see the latest estimates in for the tea party. Today, the Atlanta Police estimated the Atlanta turnout to be over 15,000. And just think, it was peaceful.

/PRNewswire/ -- Pajamas TV ( announced today that its current attendance count for the April 15 tea parties has surpassed 540,000. That number will continue to rise as Pajamas TV tabulates additional reports. Over 600 citizen reporters filed text, video, and cell phone reports for Pajamas TV on tax day. Following the tea party protests, the Pajamas TV citizen reporter program has grown to include nearly 700 volunteer journalists.

"By any measure, the April 15 tea parties are a historic event and Pajamas TV has become the place of record for documenting the tea party movement," said Pajamas Media CEO and Co-founder Roger L. Simon. "We have committed significant resources to document this movement from both a reporting and attendance point of view. Pajamas TV is already planning to cover the additional tea parties that are being scheduled for July 4."

Attendance Passes 540,000

Pajamas TV has been tabulating attendance data for the tax day tea parties since they began. By the evening of Thursday, April 16 that number had reached 541,568. The latest numbers are available at along with breakouts of the top events, top states, and a map view ( of attendance by state. A PDF file detailing tea party attendance by location is available at

The numbers are based on 40 percent or 350 of the 879 events registered in the PJTV database. The numbers came to Pajamas TV directly from the field and include accounts from organizers, police, and citizen reporters. "The top 40 events represent about 257,000 attendees and our last 20 reports average about 1,000 per event. It's highly possible that the total attendance number is between 800,000 and 1 million," Simon noted.

Pajamas TV Coverage of the Tea Parties

The PJTV coverage included reports from its locations in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York, and Tennessee. In addition, over 600 citizen reporters were active on tax day. These reporters submitted photos, videos, cell phone, and even live wireless reports back to the Pajamas TV studio headquarters in Los Angeles.

In addition to its coverage of the tea parties which centers on the public outcry regarding America's financial direction, Pajamas TV is continuing its effort to quantify the financial impact on the next generation. Its Generational Theft contest offers a prize of $20,000 for college students and their professors.

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