Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holocaust Hauntings

Just this morning, two articles of Holocaust interest have popped up in the news.

The first is Schindler's List of 801 Jews which has been found in Australia. According to the story, it was found in a box of German clippings, which was owned by the author of Schindler's Ark, Thomas Keneally. Wow. What a historical find.

There's a movement going on around certain areas which denies the Holocaust. I have to wonder how could anyone in their right mind could deny the murder of so many people just because of their faith? How could anyone deny it? There are pictures. There is film footage.

And still, they deny.

Emory University in Atlanta has a website on the Holocaust. Today, Emory announced they've added other languages to it so the truth can be seen in other locales. Good for them.

Deny the Holocaust? Never. My dad was a soldier and he was stationed in Germany as part of the Occupation Army right after World War II. During that time, my mom was there with him. She told stories of going to the concentration camps and the overwhelming feel of death in the air. Her visits to the death camps haunted her for years. It was horrific for her to see what had been done to those who didn't fit in to the mold Hitler declared was acceptable.

Could this happen here? Maybe the question is would it?

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