Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama and Company Now Want to Regulate Your Home Garden

There's a ton of stories on the potential problems with HR 875, which is also known as the Food Safety Modernization Bill of 2009. If it passes as is, chances are you can kiss your home garden goodbye. I just can't believe that the government would stoop so low as to make our gardens illegal. Stand up America and fight for your rights!

The End of Organic Farming? How HR875 Could Kill the Farmers Market

The US has several organizations which are responsible for the safety of food products including the USDA, the FDA,the CDC and the EPA. As is typical with most agencies they are underfunded, understaffed and don't communicate with each other....

HR875: Your homegrown tomatoes are illegal

HR875 will require government-mandated licensing, chemical application and inspections for non-corporate grown food in the USA.

I am not kidding.

Not only will this destroy organic farming and your local farmer's market, the way the proposed resolution is written, even your homegrown tomatoes will be illegal!.....

HR 875 Would Essentially Outlaw Family Farms In The United States

I get a lot of e-mails each day and one today (hi Cheryl!) pointed my attention to HR 875, a bill introduced into the 111th Congress. SO, I went and did something that members of Congress rarely do and actually read the bill.More accurately, I glanced through it which is still more than they ever do. It was introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT 3rd) and, as of this writing, has around 36 co-sponsors including my Congressman, Andre Carson (D-IN 7th). It immediately strikes me as being terribly bad legislation......

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