Friday, September 3, 2010

Standing Up for Unemployed Americans

Thought you'd like to see our elected officials who stood up for Americans on the job war.

50 Best Defenders of Jobless Americans

/PRNewswire/ -- In the best spirit of Labor Day, these 50 Members have spent the last two years standing up for the most vulnerable of all American workers - the unemployed. They not only resisted major pressures to increase the flow of foreign labor, they also attempted to reduce immigration quotas (75,000 working-age immigrants every MONTH). And they repeatedly tried to eliminate the job magnet for illegal immigration and to push the 7 million non-agricultural illegal workers out of their jobs to make room for some of the 22 million Americans who want a job but can't find one.

The non-partisan NumbersUSA rates every member on every committee and floor vote and every bill co-sponsorship that would either increase or reduce the foreign workers (legal and illegal) in the country. All actions and the computerized grading calculations are displayed on Those in Congress who do the most to protect American workers in terms of immigration policies receive an A+, while those doing the least receive an F-minus.

The 50 "Defenders" on this list:
-- received the highest grades for their actions during the last two
-- are asking voters to re-elect them to Congress this November

Grassley, Charles (IA)
DeMint, Jim (SC)


Graded A+

King, Steve (IA - 05th)
Bilbray, Brian (CA - 50th)
Boozman, John (AR - 03rd)
Burton, Dan (IN - 05th)
Coffman, Mike (CO - 06th)
Gingrey, Phil (GA - 11th)
Heller, Dean (NV - 02nd)
Marchant, Kenny (TX - 24th)
Mica, John (FL - 07th)
Bartlett, Roscoe (MD - 06th)
Broun, Paul (GA - 10th)
Foxx, Virginia (NC - 05th)
Goodlatte, Robert (VA - 06th)
Linder, John (GA - 07th)
Wittman, Robert J. (VA - 01st)

Graded A

Alexander, Rodney (LA - 05th)
Chaffetz, Jason (UT - 03rd)
McCotter, Thaddeus (MI - 11th)
Myrick, Sue (NC - 09th)
Neugebauer, Randy (TX - 19th)
Price, Tom (GA - 06th)
Rohrabacher, Dana (CA - 46th)
Akin, Todd (MO - 02nd)
Kline, John (MN - 02nd)
Lamborn, Doug (CO - 05th)
Manzullo, Donald (IL - 16th)
Poe, Ted (TX - 02nd)
Smith, Lamar (TX - 21st)
Calvert, Ken (CA - 44th)
Conaway, Mike (TX - 11th)
Fortenberry, Jeff (NE - 01st)
Franks, Trent (AZ - 02nd)
Miller, Candice (MI - 10th)
Moran, Jerry (KS - 01st)
Platts, Todd (PA - 19th)
Bachus, Spencer (AL - 06th)
Bilirakis, Gus (FL - 09th)
Fleming, John (LA - 04th)
Hunter, Duncan D. (CA - 52nd)
Jones, Walter (NC - 03rd)
Posey, Bill (FL - 15th)
Roe, Phil (TN - 01st)

Graded A-minus

Taylor, Gene (MS - 04th)
Miller, Gary (CA - 42nd)
McClintock, Tom (CA - 04th)
Brown, Henry (SC - 01st)
Luetkemeyer, Blaine (MO - 09th)
Olson, Pete (TX - 22nd)

NumbersUSA also announced the "50 Worst Deserters of Jobless Americans."

NumbersUSA is a non-profit and non-partisan organization with more than one million activist members. It was formed in 1996 in part to carry out the recommendations of the bi-partisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (chaired by the late Barbara Jordan) which opposed immigration policies that depress wages and job prospects for the most vulnerable members of the national community.

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