Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will You Tell Obama What He Should Do?

VWV Note: Saw this today and just knew you all would want to let the President know exactly what he should do. Think someone will suggest showing his birth certificate or supporting the military or missile defense? I wonder if this group will post all ideas- whether or not they agree with the President's agenda......

ObamaShould.org Engages Community to Submit Constructive Ideas to the President

/PRNewswire/ -- Debuting this week, ObamaShould.org is being launched with the purpose of re-engaging disillusioned citizens into the political process. The grass roots movement's premise is based primarily on the historic mobilization of Barack Obama's presidential campaign through the use of technology and interaction.

By leveraging a social media strategy as a means for ongoing engagement, anyone can post suggestions and ideas by tweeting #obamashould or posting ideas directly to the website -- http://www.obamashould.org/.

"ObamaShould's purpose is not to advance a particular agenda, but to make our democracy better," said the site's founder, Edo Segal. "In this activity America leads the world through example as our democracy evolves.

"Obamashould.org is a site for people to voice their opinions regardless of political affiliation. We've taken an approach that has worked for companies like Dell and others to collect and self-organize people's ideas into useful information without the need for an army of staffers. It is not a way to govern, but a way to effectively filter ideas."

ObamaShould.org was built by a group of volunteers as a public service and an open source project that anyone can use, regardless of political affiliation.

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