Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Mr. Sandman, Send Me..."

Have you wondered how so many people still choose to hide their heads in the sand when it comes to what is going on around us?

I've been having a couple of ongoing conversations lately with two colleagues. I won't mention names, but I can guarantee they wouldn't be able to figure out who they are. Why? Because there are so many Americans just like them.

One colleague is distressed over the recession and the way the government is taking over private enterprise. My first question was, "Who did you vote for?" His response was he didn't vote for anyone. My response was, "You voted for the President." By not bothering to take time to learn about the issues and study the candidates, this person abdicated on their responsibility. By not voting, they said that either candidate was fine. By not voting, they gave their thumbs up to the winner. Gee, my colleague is flabbergasted now. Kind of wishes he had voted. Perhaps, he has learned his lesson and will take the next elections more to heart and let his voice be heard.

The other conversation is an ongoing educational one. The lady is such a sweet soul, but she voted for the color of the skin. She openly admits it and says that "He is going to take care of all Americans." She goes on to talk about how wonderful the stimulus is and how great it will be when all Americans get free insurance coverage.

Now she is gainfully employed at a company who has only laid off the temporary workers and reduced hours for some of its hourly employees. She is salaried, so she hasn't been too concerned yet. Imagine her surprise when I asked her who was paying for all the wonderful things the government is doing. She says "the government." "Where does the government get its money?" She honestly thinks that only the rich will pay.

What about the proposed cap and trade tax for every American, rich or poor? What about the proposed Cash for Clunkers so people can take out more debt? (Yep, my cars don't even qualify.)
What about the proposed government rationed healthcare? What about the proposed tax on health insurance the employer provides?

Her eyes get big and she says, "Well, I always get a tax refund." Wake up sister. Just wait till the end of this year and you get the honor of paying back the tax the feds put in your pocket this year since the tax codes have yet to be adjusted. Just wait until your property tax bill comes in.

You've got a job? You're rich. Go on. Rub your eyes and see if some of that sand gets out.

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