Monday, May 4, 2009

Lesson from the Derby

Saturday was the first Saturday of May, and as for many a year, I always watch the Kentucky Derby. I find it exciting, although this year, the never ending live coverage the hour before the two minute race had me fast asleep.

I woke up when I finally heard the theme song, My Old Kentucky Home, and sat up to watch. I admit that this year, I did not take the time to really study the horses. There was no favorite in my mind.

All the major talk was on the big name horses and how much money they either cost their owners or where they trained or even how much money they had previously won.

There was relatively no mention of "Mine That Bird." Who is he?

He's the gelding with the soul of a winner. Reportedly costing his owner less than $10,000 and a very long shot, he received minimal coverage. Instead, the media chose to talk about his owner being on crutches.

Bang went the start gun. The front runners were as expected. And then, out of nowhere- "Mine That Bird" flew past everyone and won. Not by a mere fraction, but by lengths. The excitement was there.

The extraordinary win of "Mine That Bird" brings home a lesson to all of us, especially during these trying times.

Work hard. Remember your roots. Run for the glory. Others may have more press and be slated the winner, but perseverance works.

Yep, I'll take a step back and think of "Mine That Bird" and his mighty run for the roses as I consider the stakes of today's battles.

"Mine That Bird"-- what a wonderful example to follow. Oh, and his jockey, Calvin? What a winning team! Superb!

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