Thursday, January 13, 2011

But I Have a Prescription!

The new year has brought so much to my life already.  Even though the winter storm has kept me off the streets and huddling in the house, I have much to be really thankful for.  I love the fact that I have food and electricity.  Heck, I even have a prescription that I can't use!

The wonderful new rules for the Flexible Health Savings Account has me fuming and the house is staying toasty comfy with just the heat I am generating. 

Depending on the FSA has been a wonderful treat for me over the past several years.  I can have money taken out of my hard earned paycheck and have it just waiting for me to use on health care.

In November, I was aware the new rules for 2011 would no longer allow the purchase of over the counter medicines with the FSA unless a kind physician wrote a prescription.  So, I adjusted the FSA and have had to guess just how sick the family will get this year.  I sure hope the crystal ball I used was still in warrenty!

Off to the doctor we go after January 1st and, oops, he recommended an over the counter medicine to help with a minor issue.  He wrote the prescription as he also is aware of the new law and he knows I have a FSA account.

Happily, with my prescription for an over the counter medicine in hand, I skip off to the pharmacy.  Proudly, I hand in the prescription to the pharmacist along with the prescribed over the counter medicine.

"Uh, what do you want me to do with this?"

"Well," I smiled, "my FSA says I have to follow the new rules for 2011 and have a prescription for the over the counter medicine.  Here it is."

"I can't do anything with the prescription.  It's over the counter," replied the not-so-smiling pharmacist.

"I know. This documents that I have a doctor's recommendation to use it.  So, run it through the FSA wonder machine."

The kind pharmicist scratched his head and agreed to do so.

Guess what? The wonder FSA folks won't accept the purchase because it is OVER THE COUNTER. 

But, I have a prescription.

Wonder how long it will be before someone who can make decisions about the rules will figure out there's a slight problem with the system?  Will it be when they try to buy the over the counter aspirin to counter the pounding headache they get from all the irate prescription holding common folk?

It kind of feels like getting all dressed up with no place to go.  Hmm, just like this week with the major winter storm.  But, lucky me, I have a prescription.